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Health and Well-being Resources

All Students and Learners

All students and learners have access to UBC Student Counselling Services and the UBC Student Assistance Program, which offers free, 24/7 wellness resources for students, including personal counselling.

  • Visit the UBC Health and wellbeing website to explore the health resources available to you and get connected to the ones that meet your needs.
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP): the UBC SAP is a free, 24/7 wellness resource for students. Services include personal counselling, life coaching, group programs and more based on your needs.

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Trainee Resources

Students and trainees across Graduate and Postdoctoral programs can access additional resources offered through the following:

MD Students

Students in the MD Undergraduate Program have access to Student Affairs which includes confidential and personal advising:

Postgraduate Medical Residents

Postgraduate Medical Residents can access additional free and confidential counselling as well as other supports through the following:

Additional Supports

  • For additional program-specific support services and resources, please contact your program director/lead for further assistance.

UBC Student FAQs

Find the latest on COVID-19 and UBC’s response on UBC’s COVID-19 website, including:

  • Learning Remotely
  • Financial Support and Resources
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • UBC Facilities and Services
  • Events and Graduation Ceremonies
  • Travel

Visit UBC’s COVID-19 website

Health Guidance and Vaccines

Find guidance on helping prevent the spread of illness on UBC campuses and learning sites, including:

  • COVID-19 vaccines
  • Rapid Testing Program
  • Health guidance

Visit UBC’s COVID-19 website